Running a successful hiring process can be something of a challenge, remote hiring can further this issue because you do not get to meet the candidate face to face. Below are some tips that we have laid out to help you interview candidates remotely.

Before the interview

  • Let the developer know what is coming - As developers, we hate the sort of questions that get asked where the answer is something that you would most likely google. As a result we recommend giving some indication to the engineer of what is coming and let them take care of the rest. An example would be to highlight the technical concepts that you wish to discuss with them.
  • Test your video conferencing software -  For starters: make video interviews your default for every stage of the interview process. You can use anything from Google Hangouts to Skype to Zoom. But more importantly, find some time before your interview to ensure that your video conferencing software is working properly. This will help you avoid making a developer feel as if he or she is in the wrong place when it comes time for the interview.
  • Give a remote assignment - Don’t miss the opportunity to create an assignment for the candidate when conducting a remote interview. While a developer can show you code an assignment is still especially important for a remote candidate as it will give you a chance to get a feel for how they learn and solve problems. Don't make it overly complex though, if you are giving them an assignment that takes up a lot of time then you are being unreasonable.

During the interview

Introduce candidates to the team - the team of people that you work with is crucial to a developer and will be at the front of their mind. Working with smart people is important, as is getting along with them.

After the interview

Make sure you’re prepared - If you go into your first remote hire blindly, you will be unsuccessful. Prepare your questions. Have a clear picture of what your company looks like as a remote company. Know the proven advantages as well as the challenges.

In the end, a remote office is a great way to cut some overhead, allow your employees a personal life, and promote overall company happiness. Hiring the right employees to support a remote office will ensure the success of a remote office.

Communication - Be clear an concise in your communication with candidates. Let them Know why you have opted to go with them, what the next steps are and how they will be integral to the future of your business. If you decide that they are not for you, please also tell them why, it will take five minuets out of your day and help the developer a lot, at the end of the day, there is a human on the other side.