Globally, most companies are prioritising employees working in remote positions, which are emerging quite dramatically. The practice of digital marketing, web development, artificial intelligence, social media platforms, sales, freelancers, customer services has contributed to the expansion of remote working trends.

Of course, the current global health scenario and the constantly-evolving technology permitted these revolutions. And possibly digital advancements will maintain the progress in the sector. After all, both remote workers and consumers are benefiting from it.

So while this quote-unquote holistic lifestyle approach is rising rapidly, there is some current progression that is likely to be seen.

Demonstrate the best of you

What nobody could do, a pandemic did. COVID 19 imposed us to stay indoors and learn things we never got the time or urge to learn. This loneliness inspires many great ideas. Also, employees do not have to adhere to the eight-hour shift as they can be flexible with their timetables.  Surrounded by their desired comfort-space, remote workers can maintain social distancing, increase productivity, and present their true potential.  The conducive environment allows workers for more work and less talk.

Transformation in the use of space

The next big wave that is mushrooming is the changes in the structural reform of the office spaces. Due to the remote work culture, employees will use the office space less than usual. The focus of the office spaces will shift to conferences and meetings. New recruitment will not revolve around the administrative appearance of the employees and will be task-oriented.

Good news for workaholics

If you are a compulsive workaholic and don't have to worry about your health, then you do not need to unwind from your work unless you want to. With self-created deadlines working remotely in your own space will not make you feel guilty as work can be resumed anytime.

Skimming on cost and time

As many employees love to grab a cup of coffee while running to the office not to be late, remote working culture has opened up the opportunity to self-indulge in that coffee while sitting at your place. With less stress, remote workers do not have to worry about the expenses for travelling to and fro the office location. Also, workers do not need to engage themselves in window shopping to find formal attire now and then. Not only clothing but brainstorming about everyday meals or group lunches also can be avoided. While maintaining a better work-life balance, employees can have the best of both worlds.

All that glitters is not gold

Let's be honest. As fun as it sounds, not everyone can work in a remote environment. It is not a good fit for just anyone. Some feel supremely energetic to work in office environments while some promise to deliver but end up binge-watching TV shows. Also, not all the remote working and freelancing jobs pay as well as we expect. Sometimes being lonely can be depressing. Moreover, there are a handful of people who do not take freelancing seriously. It is difficult for entree level employees to get a remote job.

All things aside, let us all focus on the glass half full and give remote working culture the benefit of the doubt for its uniqueness. It allows us to take a break, make valuable changes, and improve the quality of life to further build and thrive.