Please find an example template for job post for a Remote Developer.

Job Description

Give an overview of your Job Opening and then break it down into the following sections:

What tech stack you are using  

This is a crucial bit of info for developers. We like stacks that we know or that we want to learn so make sure this is at the top of your description as it is the first thing a Remote Developer ( or any developer for that matter) will look for.

Your Story

Your companies story is HUGELY important to a developer. As engineers we want to be helping and working towards something awesome that will have an impact. Tell us about how your company came to be, why you and any cool facts about your company.

Who Should Apply

Please tell us a bit about who should apply for the role. How much experience should they have? What type of person is a good fit for your company?

What  a typical day looks like

what structure does your company provide? Do you give  a lot of freedom for developers to express themselves?


Mention some information about how you communicate, keep this brief but mentioning tools that you use such as Slack, Teams ect helps a developer get a better understanding of the communication tools that they will need.


What do you need from your developers, what must they be able to do and what are you more flexible with.

Important Note:

Keep your post and requirements realistic. What we mean by this is if you are recruiting for a Junior Developer then please make sure that your requirements mach that. If you do not then you will be disappointed with the results as you will receive fewer applicants and a huge array of skill level.