According to Stack Overflow's 2019 survey, 33,2% of developers want to work from home, 12% are employed full-time remote, and 31.7% see remote work potions as an essential job factor. The benefits of remote work are numerous, and it is gaining more and more traction each year.

Today, there are plenty of full-time remote developer positions. Companies recognised the benefits of outsourcing software developers, and developers can enjoy their at-home offices. However, before being able to enjoy remote work, one has to find it, and with so many options, they should know what to look for.

What a developer looks for in a remote Job

Making a job position remote doesn't make it instantly desirable. Developers and other remote workers look for and should look for certain benefits that companies sometimes fail to include.

Feeling that there is a team, and they are a part of it.

Remote work can feel lonely, and even software developers can feel solitude. It doesn't matter what kind of person they are. Everyone feels better when there is a group they can share their ideas with. Hence, regular team meet-ups are a great way to create longer-lasting work relationships.

A laptop, preferably a new one.

A working laptop has become a standard, and it is what every software developer expects, even for a remote position. A computer and an OS of their choice, even a desktop computer, is not out of the question.

Salary suited for their knowledge and experience.

Remote software developer jobs are paid reasonably well. Glassdoor says it is around 70 000 $ a year on average. However, not all developers in the same experience range have the same work ethic or skills. Awarding your developers for great work or exceptional skills is always a great idea.

Functional communication system & work-flow

As opposed to office work, when you need help solving a problem, there is no one around you to ask for help. This is where a reliable and well-thought communication system comes in handy. Video and phone conferences, meetings, and online "chat by the cooler" are all an essential part of a working environment.

Co-working deserves a mention.

Co-working is something that not every remote software developer will look for. But when presented with this possibility, most will welcome it with an open heart.

When your remote work colleague is living in the same area as you are, it is great to have lunch together a couple of times a week. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss work, good or bad, and share exciting ideas.

A quiet place to work in.

This one is not something a company should worry about. Nonetheless, every software developer is looking for it, a working environment without distractions, noisy neighbours, or even loud family members.


Remote jobs are a growing trend, and with the current crisis, they are more critical than ever. More remote software developer job openings will eventually mean better benefits, higher wages, and generally more choices. Competition is never a bad thing.

Every software developer has his or her preferences regarding the industry they want to work in or the technology they want to use. Regardless of the developer's wishes, the factors mentioned above will remain roughly the same.